Assessing the Threat of Incel Violence

  title={Assessing the Threat of Incel Violence},
  author={B Hoffman and Jacob Ware and Ezra Shapiro},
  journal={Studies in Conflict \& Terrorism},
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Abstract In recent years, increasingly serious incidents of violence have been committed by young men predominantly in the United States and Canada who self-identify as incels (involuntary celibates). Although these attacks often specifically target women, the principal source of their animus, men as well as children have been among the casualties in the series of shootings and vehicular homicides that have occurred at universities, high schools, and on city streets. Although, the incel… 

Interrogating the “incel menace”: assessing the threat of male supremacy in terrorism studies

ABSTRACT Following a series of deadly attacks, and increasingly in recent years, incels have entered not only the public lexicon but also piqued scholarly interest, especially in terrorism research


Scholars of political violence and terrorism are now analyzing violence perpetrated by extremists, who identify as involuntary celibates (incels), as a form of terrorism—although this remains a

Misogynistic Males

Scholars have begun to identify the links between incidents of mass murder and misogynistic behaviors. From the 2014 Isla Vista campus shootings in California through to an incident of mass violence

Misogynistic terrorism: it has always been here

ABSTRACT Anti-semitism, racism, pro-life beliefs, and extreme Christian ideology have long been acknowledged to be a feature in far-right terrorist violence in the United States. However, what has

Similar crimes, similar behaviors? Comparing lone‐actor terrorists and public mass murderers

The data inform the emerging idea that lone-actor terrorists and public mass shooters are not distinct offender types, and show little distinction in sociodemographic profiles, but significant differences in antecedent event behaviors.

Failure to thrive: incels, boys and feminism

ABSTRACT The group known as ‘incels’ (involuntary celibates, usually men) has become a spectacle for feminism as well as for mass media. Both popular and academic feminisms have condemned the incel

Swallowing the Black Pill: Involuntary Celibates’ (Incels) Anti-Feminism within Digital Society

Involuntary celibates (incels) are part of the online ‘manosphere’ and have been widely discussed in contemporary media in recent years due to their involvement in several offline mass murders. This

"Goodbye, My Friendcels": An Analysis of Incel Suicide Posts

While an increasing number of researchers, non-profit organizations, and law enforcement agencies have expressed growing concern about the relationship between involuntary celibates (i.e. incels) and


At the time of writing, Davison’s digital footprint on these platforms contains numerous examples of misogynistic and anti-feminist attitudes, as well as references to the incel subculture. Although

Predictors of Radical Intentions among Incels: A Survey of 54 Self-identified Incels

. Incels (involuntarily celibates) are an online-based identity group of mostly males who feel disenfranchised because of what they see as an unfair advantage the society gives to muscular, confident



The Logic of Suicide Terrorism

Some Puzzles Why do some young, healthy males kill themselves in order to kill others? The logic of actions that are simultaneously murderous and self–destructive is hard for us to comprehend. In the

The Halle, Germany, synagogue attack and the evolution of the far-right terror threat

attempted to forcibly enter the Jewish community center and synagogue in the eastern German town of Halle (Saale) and execute a mass shooting livestreamed online. It is alleged that after failing to

The Age of Lone Wolf Terrorism

The lethality of lone-wolf terrorism has reached an all-time high in the United States. Isolated individuals using firearms with high-capacity magazines are committing brutally efficient killings

Distinguishing “Loner” Attacks from Other Domestic Extremist Violence

Research Summary Recent reports have suggested that “loner” extremists, or self-radicalized extremists with no ties to organized groups who commit an ideologically motivated attack on their own,

The changing face of terrorism in the 21st century: the communications revolution and the virtual community of hatred.

There are no psychological characteristics or psychopathology separating terrorists from the general population. Rather, it is group dynamics, with a particular emphasis on collective identity, that

Masculinity Threat, “Incel” Traits, and Violent Fantasies Among Heterosexual Men in the United States

The current study aims to shed light on how masculinity threat and challenges from women translate into fantasies of mass and gender-based violence. These attitudes are evident among some

From “Incel” to “Saint”: Analyzing the violent worldview behind the 2018 Toronto attack

ABSTRACT This paper combines qualitative and quantitative content analysis to map and analyze the “Incel” worldview shared by members of a misogynistic online community ideologically linked to

Drinking male tears: language, the manosphere, and networked harassment

Abstract While popular discourse often frames online harassment as an issue of individuals engaged in abhorrent behavior, harassing behavior is often networked in that it is coordinated and

Alphas, Betas, and Incels: Theorizing the Masculinities of the Manosphere

Since the emergence of Web 2.0 and social media, a particularly toxic brand of antifeminism has become evident across a range of online networks and platforms. Despite multiple internal conflicts and

Gendering Global Conflict: Toward a Feminist Theory of War

AcknowledgmentsIntroduction1. The (Genderless) Study of War in International Relations2. Gender Lenses Look at War(s)3. Anarchy4. Relations International and War(s)5. Gender6. People7. Gendered