Assessing structural and functional plankton responses to carbendazim toxicity.

  title={Assessing structural and functional plankton responses to carbendazim toxicity.},
  author={Diana M E Slijkerman and Donald J. Baird and Anne Conrad and Robbert G. Jak and Nico M van Straalen},
  journal={Environmental toxicology and chemistry},
  volume={23 2},
A model ecosystem experiment was conducted to investigate the ability of an in situ Daphnia magna feeding bioassay to assess impairment of ecosystem function. Animals were deployed in model ecosystems dosed with different concentrations of the fungicide carbendazim, and effects on the postexposure feeding rate of D. magna were compared with effects on zooplankton species richness (ecosystem structure) and development of phytoplankton biomass (ecosystem function). In the medium-dosed systems (21… CONTINUE READING

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