Assessing probability of ancestry using simple sequence repeat profiles: applications to maize hybrids and inbreds.

  title={Assessing probability of ancestry using simple sequence repeat profiles: applications to maize hybrids and inbreds.},
  author={Donald A. Berry and Jon D Seltzer and Chongqing Xie and Deanne L Wright and J Stephen C Smith},
  volume={161 2},
Determination of parentage is fundamental to the study of biology and to applications such as the identification of pedigrees. Limitations to studies of parentage have stemmed from the use of an insufficient number of hypervariable loci and mismatches of alleles that can be caused by mutation or by laboratory error and that can generate false exclusions. Furthermore, most studies of parentage have been limited to comparisons of small numbers of specific parent-progeny triplets thereby… CONTINUE READING

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