Assessing polymer sorption kinetics using micromachined resonators

  title={Assessing polymer sorption kinetics using micromachined resonators},
  author={J.-J. Su and Christopher P Carron and Stuart B. Truax and K. S. Demirci and L A Beardslee and O. Brand},
  journal={2011 16th International Solid-State Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems Conference},
This paper introduces a new approach to investigate polymer sorption kinetics by weighing the polymer films using micromachined in-plane resonators. A custom gas-testing setup enables fast analyte concentration changes, which are necessary to study analyte diffusion into thin polymer coatings deposited on top of the microresonators. Short-term frequency stabilities of the microresonators in the 10−8 range in air yield sub-picogram mass resolution and enable real-time measurement of analyte… CONTINUE READING