Assessing efficiency–effectiveness tradeoffs in multi-stage retrieval systems without using relevance judgments

  title={Assessing efficiency–effectiveness tradeoffs in multi-stage retrieval systems without using relevance judgments},
  author={C. Clarke and J. Culpepper and A. Moffat},
  journal={Information Retrieval Journal},
  • C. Clarke, J. Culpepper, A. Moffat
  • Published 2016
  • Computer Science
  • Information Retrieval Journal
  • Large-scale retrieval systems are often implemented as a cascading sequence of phases—a first filtering step, in which a large set of candidate documents are extracted using a simple technique such as Boolean matching and/or static document scores; and then one or more ranking steps, in which the pool of documents retrieved by the filter is scored more precisely using dozens or perhaps hundreds of different features. The documents returned to the user are then taken from the head of the final… CONTINUE READING
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