Assessing Natural Product-Drug Interactions: An End-to-End Safety Framework.

  title={Assessing Natural Product-Drug Interactions: An End-to-End Safety Framework.},
  author={Amy L Roe and Mary Paine and Bill Gurley and Kenneth R. Brouwer and Scott A Jordan and James C. Griffiths},
  journal={Regulatory toxicology and pharmacology : RTP},
The use of natural products (NPs), including herbal medicines and other dietary supplements, by North Americans continues to increase across all age groups. This population has access to conventional medications, with significant polypharmacy observed in older adults. Thus, the safety of the interactions between multi-ingredient NPs and drugs is a topic of paramount importance. Considerations such as history of safe use, literature data from animal toxicity and human clinical studies, and NP… CONTINUE READING

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