Assessing Dependability and Resilience in Critical Infrastructures: Challenges and Opportunities

  title={Assessing Dependability and Resilience in Critical Infrastructures: Challenges and Opportunities},
  author={Alberto Avritzer and Felicita Di Giandomenico and Anne Remke and Martin Riedl},
  booktitle={Resilience Assessment and Evaluation of Computing Systems},
Critical infrastructures (CI) are very complex and highly interdependent systems, networks and assets that provide essential services in our daily life. Most CI are either built upon or monitored and controlled by vulnerable information and communication technology (ICT) systems. Critical infrastructures are highly interconnected systems and often use common ICT components and networks. Therefore, cascading faults and failures are likely events in critical infrastructures. Moreover, such… 

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Possible variants of models of the control system for the computer network protection system in the context of cyber attacks are discussed and the adequacy of the developed models has been experimentally confirmed.

Survivability Evaluation of Fluid Critical Infrastructures Using Hybrid Petri Nets

An efficient model checking procedure is presented which recursively traverses the underlying state-space of the hybrid Petri net model, and identifies those regions (subsets of the discrete-continuous state space) that satisfy STL formulae.

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