Assessing Confidence Intervals for Stratigraphic Ranges of Higher Taxa: The Case of Lissamphibia

  title={Assessing Confidence Intervals for Stratigraphic Ranges of Higher Taxa: The Case of Lissamphibia},
  author={D. Marjanovi{\'c} and M. Laurin},
  • D. Marjanović, M. Laurin
  • Published 2008
  • Biology
  • To evaluate stratigraphic evidence for the time of origin of the clade of extant amphibians (Lissamphibia), we attempt to establish a confidence interval on the lower bound of the stratigraphic range of this clade. This is based on the stratigraphic distribution of 1207 fossiliferous localities that have yielded lissamphibians, the relative area of sedimentary rocks from various periods (upper Paleozoic to present) exposed on the continents, and ten exponential-growth models of lissamphibian… CONTINUE READING
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