Assessing Alzheimer severity with a global clinical scale.

  title={Assessing Alzheimer severity with a global clinical scale.},
  author={John Wesson Ashford and Vinod Kumar and M. D. Barringer and Marla Becker and J Bice and Neal Ryan and Stefano Vicari},
  journal={International psychogeriatrics},
  volume={4 1},
Diagnosis of dementia needs to be complemented by precise determination of disease severity across the broad spectrum of disease progression. The Mini-Mental State Exam (MMS), the Activities-of-Daily-Living assessment (ADL) and the Clinical Dementia Rating scale (CDR) were modified for direct comparability and administered to 112 outpatients and 45 nursing home residents with a range of dementia severity from mild to profound. The scales showed the highest correlations for the probable… CONTINUE READING
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