Assesment of refinery noise impact on workers – a case study

  title={Assesment of refinery noise impact on workers – a case study},
  author={S. D. Wachasunder},
  journal={International Journal of Environmental Studies},
  pages={459 - 470}
  • S. D. Wachasunder
  • Published 2004
  • Engineering
  • International Journal of Environmental Studies
Exposure to excessive noise levels at the work place damages the hearing of employees. In addition, noise may interfere with working efficiency and disturb concentration, especially where work is highly skilled and decisiontaking. There are several criteria for occupational noise, which take into account the allowable noise energy for each frequency band. Noise‐induced loss occurs gradually due to high noise exposure workers. In the oil refinery plant; the noise level in some operation exceeds… Expand
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La surdité professionnelle
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  • 2005
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Occupational hearing loss between 85 and 90 dBA.
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