Assesment of Learning Strategies to Improve Pediatric Interview's Quality


Requirement to insert strategies that make possible a grater emphasis in the comprehensive view of the patients and their families within a residence program in clinical pediatrics, in a third reseral level hospital, compelled us to improve the quality of the pediatric interviews.In a previous investigation, it was proved that residents appropiately identified the patients problems but there were mistakes in the interview technique and in the medical indications given to the parents.Twenty residents were evaluated. Thirteen first year residents attended children interviews performed by an senior phiscian; seven through a Gessell chamber and six by video. Seven residents did not received any special instruction but their own experiences in supervised outpatiens care.To evaluate the result of this tesching strategy, every one underwent an interview with specially trained simulated mothers.The interview's quality was submitted to a previously standardized score.Medical records, written medical indications given to the mother to satisfy family and patient requirements, and the score given by the simulated mother were registered.Results showed better management among the residents that received training. Residents exposed to Gessell chamber had better scores than those who watched the video.Simulated mothers is a usefull evaluation instrument, specially when the tutor's pesence may disturb the medical interview.

DOI: 10.1203/00006450-199412000-00030

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