Assembly and phase transitions of colloidal crystals

  title={Assembly and phase transitions of colloidal crystals},
  author={Bo Li and Di Zhou and Yilong Han},
  journal={Nature Reviews Materials},
Micrometre-sized colloidal particles can be viewed as large atoms with tailorable size, shape and interactions. These building blocks can assemble into extremely rich structures and phases, in which the thermal motions of particles can be directly imaged and tracked using optical microscopy. Hence, colloidal particles are excellent model systems for studying phase transitions, especially for poorly understood kinetic and non-equilibrium microscale processes. Advances in colloid fabrication… 

Dynamic Crystallization and Phase Transition in Evaporating Colloidal Droplets.

This work follows the structural evolution and drying dynamics across the liquid-to-solid transition of evaporating colloidal droplets containing polystyrene nanospheres with both spatial and temporal resolutions through the in-situ small-angle X-ray scattering and ex-Situ electron microscopy techniques.

Liquid-crystalline behavior on dumbbell-shaped colloids and the observation of chiral blue phases

Colloidal liquid crystals are an emerging class of soft materials that naturally combine the unique properties of both liquid crystal molecules and colloidal particles. Chiral liquid crystal blue

Two-dimensional colloidal crystal of soft microgel spheres: Development, preparation and applications.

2D phase behaviors of colloidal ellipsoids and rods

In recent years, the shape of particles has emerged as a key factor influencing their self-assembly and phase behaviors. Understanding the phase behaviors of systems containing shape anisotropic

Synthesis and assembly of colloidal cuboids with tunable shape biaxiality

The gram-scale synthesis of highly uniform colloidal cuboids with tunable dimension and shape biaxiality and their molecular mesogen-like assembly into various mesophasic structures in pristine purity is described.

Liquid-crystalline chiral phase formation and structural transitions of dumbbell-shaped colloids

Colloidal liquid crystals (LCs) are an emerging class of soft materials that naturally combine the unique properties of both LC molecules and colloidal particles. Chiral LC blue phases are highly

Hydrodynamic and frictional modulation of deformations in switchable colloidal crystallites

A computational framework for analyzing how lack of rigidity in colloidal crystals can be harnessed to accommodate displacive transformations in DNA-linked colloidal crystallites and finds that hydrodynamic correlations can either enhance or dampen collective particle motions.

Phase behaviour of colloidal molecules with anisotropic interactions

In this thesis we study the self-assembly of colloidal particles with anisotropic shape in order to open novel routes to nanomaterial fabrication. We show how by changing the particle shape and the

Fabrication of Colloidal Laves Phases via Hard Tetramers and Hard Spheres: Bulk Phase Diagram and Sedimentation Behavior

This work uncovers a self-assembly path toward a photonic structure with a band gap in the visible region and calculates the phase diagram as well as the stacking diagram of the mixture and shows that a colloidal analogue of the MgCu2 Laves phase is a thermodynamically stable phase in a large region of the phase diagrams.

Kinetics of Crystallization and Orientational Ordering in Dipolar Particle Systems

The kinetic mechanisms underlying bottom-up assembly of colloidal particles have been widely investigated in efforts to control crystallization pathways and to direct growth into targeted



Tunable colloids: control of colloidal phase transitions with tunable interactions.

Tunable control of interparticle interactions in colloids will enable quantitative studies of phase transition kinetics as well as the creation of advanced materials with switchability of function and properties.

Ionic colloidal crystals of oppositely charged particles

The electrostatic interaction between oppositely charged particles can be tuned such that large ionic colloidal crystals form readily, with the approach to controlling opposite-charge interactions facilitating the production of binary crystals of micrometre-sized particles, which could find use as advanced materials for photonic applications.

Phase transformations in binary colloidal monolayers.

This work studies a quasi-two-dimensional, binary colloidal alloy that exhibits liquid-solid and solid-solid phase transitions, focusing on the kinetics of a diffusionless transformation between two crystal phases.

Phase behaviour of concentrated suspensions of nearly hard colloidal spheres

Suspensions of spherical colloidal particles in a liquid show a fascinating variety of phase behaviour which can mimic that of simple atomic liquids and solids. ‘Colloidal fluids’1–4, in which there

Shape-sensitive crystallization in colloidal superball fluids

It is shown that colloidal silica superballs crystallize into canted phases in the presence of depletants, a general scenario where particle building blocks are designed to assemble not only into their maximum density states, but also into depletion-tunable interaction-dependent structures.

Crystallization in three- and two-dimensional colloidal suspensions

  • U. Gasser
  • Materials Science
    Journal of physics. Condensed matter : an Institute of Physics journal
  • 2009
Recent progress in the study of homogeneous and heterogeneous crystal nucleation in colloids and the controlled growth of crystalline colloidal structures is reviewed, resulting in unprecedented insights into the early stage of nucleation.

A colloidal model system with an interaction tunable from hard sphere to soft and dipolar

This work demonstrates a charge- and sterically stabilized colloidal suspension—poly(methyl methacrylate) spheres in a mixture of cycloheptyl (or cyclohexyl) bromide and decalin—where both the repulsive range and the anisotropy of the interparticle interaction potential can be controlled.

Nucleation of colloidal crystals on configurable seed structures

Nucleation is an important stage in the growth of crystals. During this stage, the structure and orientation of a crystal are determined. However, short time- and length-scales make nucleation poorly

In situ observation of colloidal monolayer nucleation driven by an alternating electric field

Real-time direct imaging and quantitative measurements of the pre- and post-nucleation processes of colloidal spheres, and the kinetics of nucleation driven by an alternating electric field, under well-defined thermodynamic driving forces are presented.

Fabrication of Polyhedral Particles from Spherical Colloids and Their Self-Assembly into Rotator Phases**

A very simple building block, such as a micrometer-sized polymeric spherical colloidal particle, is already enough to fabricate particles with regularly placed flat facets, including completely polygonal shapes with sharp edges, which opens a new avenue for designing new materials.