Assembly and maturation of HLA-A and HLA-B antigens in vivo.

  title={Assembly and maturation of HLA-A and HLA-B antigens in vivo.},
  author={Michael S Krangel and Harry T. Orr and Jack Leonard Strominger},
  volume={18 4},
HLA-A and HLA-B antigens are integral membrane glycoproteins which consist of a glycosylated heavy chain embedded in the membrane in noncovalent association with beta 2-microglobulin, a water-soluble polypeptide. The assembly and maturation of these antigens has been studied in vivo in the human B lymphoblastoid cell line T5-1 (HLA-A1, -A2, -B8, -B27). Two antigenically distinct populations of HLA-A and -B heavy chains can be detected by antisera which recognize determinants sensitive to the… CONTINUE READING