Assembly, apparatus, system and method (PRaVDA strip detector)

  title={Assembly, apparatus, system and method (PRaVDA strip detector)},
  author={Nigel M. Allinson and Grainne Riley and Michela Esposito and Chris Waltham and Tony Price and Phillip Allport and Jon Taylor and Gianluigi Casse and Phil M. Evans and Gavin G Poludniowski and Stuart Green and Spyros Manolopoulos and Jaime Nieto-Camero and Marcus Verhoeven},
Some embodiments of the present invention provide a 2D position-sensitive detector assembly comprising at least three substantially planar detector portions arranged in overlapping relationship as viewed normal to a plane of the detector portions, each detector portion comprising an array of substantially parallel, linear detector elements, the detector elements of respective detector portions being mutually non-parallel, the detector elements each being configured to generate one or more… CONTINUE READING