Assembling the Moche: the power of temporary gatherings on the North Coast of Peru

  title={Assembling the Moche: the power of temporary gatherings on the North Coast of Peru},
  author={Edward Swenson},
  journal={World Archaeology},
  pages={62 - 85}
ABSTRACT Temporary, ritualized and infrequent gatherings are commonly defined by an altered material frame, whether intensified, simplified or reconstituted. The establishment of this frame often requires considerable resources and time and can significantly redirect quotidian routines and temporalities in anticipation of the event in question. The author argues that temporary festivals provided one of the principal means to ‘assemble’ larger political alliances among the ancient Moche of… 
Highland-Coastal Relations and Transformations in Dualistic Political Ideologies in Middle Horizon Jequetepeque
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Assembling a Geography of Diplomatic Sociability: The Case of Finland’s Sauna Diplomacy
  • Timo Sysiö
  • Political Science
    The Professional Geographer
  • 2021
Sauna bathing, the traditional form of Finnish sweat bathing, has been an inseparable part of Finnish culture and everyday life for thousands of years. Sauna culture has also played such a central
Creating a body-subject in the Late Moche Period (CE 650 – 850). Bioarchaeological and biogeochemical analyses of human offerings from Huaca Colorada, Jequetepeque Valley, Peru
ABSTRACT Human offerings in the archaeological record are commonly defined by their community affiliation, the ceremonial events following their death and the places where they are interred. The
The Return of the Bricoleur? Emplotment, Intentionality, and Tradition in Paleolithic Art
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Temporary gatherings and meetings have been happening for thousands of years, and still do. Modern mega-events, like Glastonbury Festival in the UK or BurningMan in Arizona, USA, offer riotous


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Archaeological investigations of public spectacle as mediated architecturally can provide an effective means to interpret culturally specific power asymmetries in prehistoric societies and the
Household and Family at Moche, Peru: An Analysis of Building and Residence Patterns in a Prehispanic Urban Center
The Moche was the last complex society to develop on the Peruvian north coast during the Early Intermediate Period (200 B. C.-700 A. D.). While archaeological research on the Moche has traditionally
Moche ceremonial architecture as thirdspace: The politics of place-making in the ancient Andes
Ceremonial architecture at the site of Huaca Colorada in the Jequetepeque Valley, Peru, is analyzed as a ritually charged thirdspace, an interpretive move that illuminates both the creative power of
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This chapter illustrates how the critique of ideology can be used for the study of material objects by reference to the familiar contemporary built environment. An outline is given of the Frankfurt
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