Assembling novel heterotrimetallic Cu/Co/Ni and Cu/Co/Cd cores supported by diethanolamine ligand in one-pot reactions of zerovalent copper with metal salts.

  title={Assembling novel heterotrimetallic Cu/Co/Ni and Cu/Co/Cd cores supported by diethanolamine ligand in one-pot reactions of zerovalent copper with metal salts.},
  author={Dmytro S. Nesterov and Valeriya G. Makhankova and Olga Yu Vassilyeva and Vladimir N Kokozay and Larisa Kovbasyuk and Brian W Skelton and Julia Jezierska},
  journal={Inorganic chemistry},
  volume={43 24},
The three novel heterotrimetallic complexes [Ni(H2L)2][CoCu(L)2(H2L)(NCS)]2(NCS)2 (1), [Ni(H2L)2][CuCo(L)2(H2L)(NCS)]2Br2.2H2O (2), and [CuCoCd(H2L)2(L)2(NCS)Br2].CH3OH (3) have been prepared using zerovalent copper; cobalt thiocyanate; nickel thiocyanate (1), nickel bromide (2), or cadmium bromide (3); and methanol solutions of diethanolamine in air. The most prominent feature of the structures of 1 and 2 is the formation of the "pentanuclear"aggregate [[Ni(H2L)2][CoCu(L)2(H2L)(NCS)]2]2+ made… Expand
Structural and magnetic studies of tetranuclear heterometallic M/Cr (M = Co, Mn) complexes self-assembled from zerovalent cobalt or manganese, Reineckes salt and diethanolamine
Abstract Four novel heterometallic complexes [Co2Cr2(NCS)4(HDea)2(Dea)2]·4dmf (1), [Co2Cr2(NCS)4(HDea)2(Dea)2]·4dmso (2), [Mn2Cr2(NCS)4(HDea)2(Dea)2(dmf)2]·2dmf (3) andExpand
Supramolecular diversity and magnetic properties of novel heterometallic Cu(II)/Cr(III) complexes prepared from copper powder, Reineckes salt and ethylenediamine
Abstract Three novel heterometallic complexes [Cu(en) 2 Cr(NCS) 4 (NH 3 ) 2 ][Cr(NCS) 4 (NH 3 ) 2 ] · 6dmf ( 1 ), [Cu(en) 2 Cr(NCS) 4 (NH 3 ) 2 ](OAc) ( 2 ) and [{Cu(en) 2 } 3 {Cr(NCS) 4 (NH 3 ) 2 }Expand
Direct synthesis and crystal structures of new heteropolynuclear complexes containing aminoalcohol ligands : From heterobi- (Co/Zn) to heterotrimetallic (Cu/Co/Zn) compounds
Three novel heterometallic complexes [Co 2 Zn 2 (Dea) 2 (HDea) 2 (NCS) 4 ] · 4dmso ( 1 ), [CuCoZn 2 (Dea) 3 Cl 3 (HOMe)] · MeOH ( 2 ) and [CuCoZn(Me 2 Ea) 4 (NCS) 2 (OAc)] ( 3 ) have been preparedExpand
Heterometallic Cu/Co and Cu/Co/Zn complexes bearing rare asymmetric tetranuclear cores: synthesis, structures, and magnetic and catalytic properties toward the peroxidative oxidation of cycloalkanes.
Compounds 1-3 act as precursors for the mild peroxidative oxidation of cyclo hexane to cyclohexanol and Cyclohexanone with overall yields up to 23% and the thermogravimetric behavior and electrospray ionization mass spectrometry data are discussed. Expand
First 3D heterotrimetallic Mn(II)–Cu(II)–K(I) polymer and three 3D Cu(II)/Mn(II) open network based on pyridine-2,3,5,6-tetracarboxylic acid
Abstract Four novel 3D coordination polymers, {[K3Cu2(H0.5pdtc)2 (H2O)6]·(H2O)2}n (1), {[trans-K2Mn3(pdtc)2 (H2O)11]·H2O}n (2), {[trans-K2Mn3(pdtc)2 (H2O)10]·H2O}n (3) and {[cis-K2Cu2Mn(pdtc)2Expand
Self-assembly of the unique heterotrimetallic Cu/Co/M complexes possessing triangular antiferromagnetic {Cu2CoPb}2 and linear ferromagnetic {Cu2CoCd2} cores.
Two novel heterotrimetallic octa and pentanuclear complexes have been prepared in one-pot reactions of zerovalent copper with metal chlorides in a methanol or acetonitrile solution of 2-(dimethylamino)ethanol (HL) in open air. Expand
Cu/Cd heterometallic solids with the [ Cu ( Hdea ) ( H 2 dea ) ] 2 2 + motif (H 2dea = diethanolamine): Exchange interactions through hydrogen bonding
Abstract The novel hybrid composites [Cu(Hdea)(H2dea)]2[CdX4], X = Br (1), I (2) have been prepared in reactions of zero-valent copper with cadmium halide in air-exposed solution containing theExpand
Magneto-structural variety of new 3d-4f-4(5)d heterotrimetallic complexes.
Three families of heterotrimetallic chains (type 1-type 3), with different topologies, have been obtained by reacting the 3d-4f complexes with Schiff-base bi-compartmental complexes and lanthanide(iii) salts. Expand
Assembling novel Cd(II) complexes with multidentate nitrogen donor ligands obtained in situ from the system: zerovalent copper, cadmium oxide, 1-hydroxymethyl-3,5-dimethylpyrazole and ammonium thiocyanate.
A novel 3D coordination polymer with the most prominent feature is the formation in situ of the organic compounds: urotropine and scorpionate-tripodal ligands. Expand
Two new pyridine-2,3-dicarboxylate coordination polymers prepared from zerovalent metal precursor: Syntheses, luminescent and magnetic properties $
Abstract Two new K+/Cu(II) and Zn(II) coordination polymers with pyridine-2,3-dicarboxylate (pydc), {K2[Cu(μ-pydc)2]·3H2O}n (1) and {[Zn(µ-pydc)(H2O)(4-mim)]·H2O}n (2) (4-mim=4-methylimidazole) haveExpand