Assembling nanoparticle catalysts with nanospheres for periodic carbon nanotube structure growth.

  title={Assembling nanoparticle catalysts with nanospheres for periodic carbon nanotube structure growth.},
  author={Chih-Hao Chang and H. In and Satoshi Takahashi and M. Deterre and H. Choi and K. W. Gotrik and G. Barbastathis},
  volume={22 3},
We have developed a novel method to grow carbon nanotubes in a periodic structure using a simple one-step self-assembly process. In this approach, monodispersed nanospheres are utilized to assemble smaller nanoparticle catalysts into an ordered periodic pattern. Using this process, we have grown carbon nanotube bundles into a honeycomb structure. The proposed method eliminates the need for lithography and material deposition, greatly reducing the fabrication complexity and cost. 
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