Assembled kinetic impactor for deflecting asteroids by combining the spacecraft with the launch vehicle upper stage

  title={Assembled kinetic impactor for deflecting asteroids by combining the spacecraft with the launch vehicle upper stage},
  author={Yirui Wang and Mingtao Li and Zizheng Gong and Jianmin Wang and Chuan-Kui Wang and Binghong Zhou},
  journal={arXiv: Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics},
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Numerical Study on Asteroid Deflection by Penetrating Explosion Based on Single-Material ALE Method and FE-SPH Adaptive Method

An asteroid impact can potentially destroy life on this planet. Therefore, asteroids should be prevented from impacting the Earth to impede severe disasters. Nuclear explosions are currently the only…

Progress of Planetary Defense Research in China

Enhanced Kinetic Impactor for Deflecting Large Potentially Hazardous Asteroids via Maneuvering Space Rocks

The Enhanced Kinetic Impactor (EKI) concept is proposed to deflect large PHAs via maneuvering space rocks through the limitation of the ground-based launch capability, which can significantly increase the mass of the impactor.

Optimal impact strategies for asteroid deflection

The results in this paper demonstrate that the proximal motion formulation has very good accuracy in predicting the actual deviation and can be used with any deviation method because it has general validity.

Impact Hazard Protection Efficiency by a Small Kinetic Impactor

In this paper the ability of a small kinetic impactor spacecraft to mitigate an Earth-threatening asteroid is assessed by means of a novel measure of efficiency. This measure estimates the…

Optimization of Interplanetary Trajectories for Impulsive and Continuous Asteroid Deflection

It is found that several optimal interplanetary trajectories exist that allow a 750-Kg spacecraft to be launched from 2015-2026, and impact 99942 Apophis allowing prekeyhole deflections of orders of magnitude larger than the likely required amount.

Utilization of an H-reversal trajectory of a solar sail for asteroid deflection

Near Earth Asteroids have a possibility of impacting the Earth and always represent a threat. This paper proposes a way of changing the orbit of the asteroid to avoid an impact. A solar sail evolving…