Assays for investigating deSUMOylation enzymes.

  title={Assays for investigating deSUMOylation enzymes.},
  author={Ikenna G. Madu and Yuan Chen},
  journal={Current protocols in molecular biology},
  volume={Chapter 10},
Post-translational modifications by the SUMO (Small Ubiquitin-like MOdifier) family of proteins are recently discovered essential regulatory mechanisms. All SUMO proteins are synthesized as larger precursors that are matured by SUMO-specific proteases, known as SENPs, which remove several C-terminal amino acids of SUMO to expose the Gly-Gly motif. SENPs also remove SUMO modifications from target proteins, making this modification highly dynamic. At least six deSUMOylation enzymes, all of which… CONTINUE READING


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Characterization of a family of nucleolar SUMO - specific proteases with preference for SUMO - 2 or SUMO - 3

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