Assay of inorganic sulfate in biologic fluids by nonsuppressed (single-column) ion chromatography.


An assay using nonsuppressed (single-column) anion chromatography was developed to determine the concentration of inorganic sulfate in biologic fluids. A conventional HPLC system with an anion-exchange column and conductimetric detector interfaced with an automatic injector and integrator was used. The mobile phase for the chromatography of urine and serum samples is 4 mM potassium hydrogen phthalate, pH 4.5, and potassium iodide is used as the internal standard. For cerebrospinal fluid samples, the mobile phase is modified by addition of 10% of a 4 mM phthalic acid solution. Results of the HPLC assay were found to correlate well (r = 0.991 and 0.999) with those of two commonly used spectrophotometric methods for urine and serum inorganic sulfate determinations. However, the concentrations determined by ion chromatography were 2.5 to 10% lower, possibly due to less assay interference by other substances following chromatographic separation of sulfate. Anion chromatography using a single-column system is a convenient and relatively inexpensive method with sufficient sensitivity for the determination of inorganic sulfate concentrations in urine, serum, and cerebrospinal fluid.

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