Assay of ghrelin concentration in infant formulas and breast milk.

  title={Assay of ghrelin concentration in infant formulas and breast milk.},
  author={Francesco Savino and Elisa Petrucci and Maria Maddalena Lupica and Giuliana Eva Nanni and Roberto Oggero},
  journal={World journal of gastroenterology},
  volume={17 15},
AIM To test if total ghrelin is present in infant formulas. METHODS Using a radioimmunoassay, we measured total ghrelin concentrations in 19 samples of commercial infant formulas and in 20 samples of human milk. We also determined ghrelin concentration in the serum of infants and lactating mothers. RESULTS Ghrelin concentrations were significantly higher in artificial milk (2007.1 ± 1725.36 pg/mL) than in human milk (828.17 ± 323.32 pg/mL) (P = 0.005). The mean ghrelin concentration in… CONTINUE READING

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