Assay discrepancy in mild haemophilia A

  title={Assay discrepancy in mild haemophilia A},
  author={E. Armstrong and A. Hillarp},
  journal={European Journal of Haematology},
  • E. Armstrong, A. Hillarp
  • Published 2014
  • Medicine
  • European Journal of Haematology
  • There are three main methods used to assay factor VIII (FVIII) activity: the one‐stage and two‐stage clotting assays and the two‐stage chromogenic method. The most commonly used assay for the diagnosis of haemophilia A is the automated one‐stage FVIII assay. The classical two‐stage FVIII assays are less frequently used. The chromogenic FVIII:C assay is a variant of the two‐stage assay. It is easier to use and therefore used more commonly. Recently significant assay discrepancy has been… CONTINUE READING
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