Aspirin: teratogenic evaluation in the dog.

  title={Aspirin: teratogenic evaluation in the dog.},
  author={Richard T. Robertson and Holly L. Allen and D L Bokelman},
  volume={20 2},
Beagle bitches were administered aspirin at either 100 or 400 mg/kg/day between Days 15 and 22 or Days 23 and 30 postmating, and corresponding control groups were dosed with vehicle during one of these same time periods. Maternotoxicity was evident in all dogs dosed with 400 mg/kg/day of aspirin, but no signs of toxicity were observed when 400 mg/kg/day of aspirin was administered from Days 15 to 22 postmating. Teratogenicity, as evidenced by 50% malformation rate, was seen in fetuses from dams… CONTINUE READING