Asphaltenes Transport into Catalysts under Hydroprocessing Conditions

  title={Asphaltenes Transport into Catalysts under Hydroprocessing Conditions},
  author={Florine Gaulier and J{\'e}r{\'e}mie Barbier and Bertrand Guichard and Pierre Levitz and Didier Espinat},
Heavy oil fractions can be upgraded through various processes, such as catalytic residue hydrotreatments. Mass transfer of macromolecules present in the heavy oil fraction, so-called asphaltenes, from feedstock to catalytic active sites is limited during hydroprocesses. Mechanisms of the diffusion of asphaltenes through pore network, adsorption, and pore plugging are no well-known under process conditions. A new method has been developed to characterize and investigate asphaltene diffusion… CONTINUE READING