Aspergillus spondylodiscitis: successful conservative treatment in 9 cases.

  title={Aspergillus spondylodiscitis: successful conservative treatment in 9 cases.},
  author={Bernard Cortet and Robert Richard and Xavier Deprez and L. Lucet and R. M. Flipo and Xavier le Lo{\"e}t and Bernard Duquesnoy and Bernard Delcambre},
  journal={The Journal of rheumatology},
  volume={21 7},
OBJECTIVE To assess the effectiveness of medical treatment by clinical, radiological, and biological analysis of outcome in 9 patients with aspergillus spondylodiscitis. METHODS Retrospective study including 9 patients with aspergillus discitis, in which 7 were immunosuppressed; 3 were heart transplant patients, 2 had acute lymphoblastic leukemia, 1 hairy cell leukemia and one was receiving prednisone for bronchial asthma. Four patients had isolated spinal aspergillosis infection. In 4 cases… CONTINUE READING


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