Aspergillus spinal epidural abscess.

  title={Aspergillus spinal epidural abscess.},
  author={Pankaj Kumar Gupta and Ashok Mahapatra and Rajni Gaind and Sunil Bhandari and M. Fikri Ibrahim M. Musa and Santosh D Lad},
  journal={Pediatric neurosurgery},
  volume={35 1},
Spinal abscess due to Aspergillus is rare. A young boy with chronic granulomatous disease and aspergillosis of the rib had been treated with antifungal treatment 3 months earlier. The patient presented with a brief history of progressive paraparesis. Imaging showed D9--11 vertebral involvement and destruction of the D10 vertebral body with angulation and a large dorsally placed, multiloculated epidural abscess extending from D6 to L2. There was also extensive granulation anterior to and on… CONTINUE READING


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