Aspergillus nidulans beta-tubulin genes are unusually divergent.


Aspergillus nidulans has two beta-tubulin genes: benA, which is involved in both vegetative growth and asexual sporulation, and tubC, which is involved mainly in asexual sporulation. Both genes have now been cloned and sequenced. benA encodes a polypeptide of 447 amino acids (aa) and tubC encodes one of 449 aa. The two polypeptides differ by 78 aa residues but the net charge for the two proteins remains the same. The divergence between the amino acid sequences of the Aspergillus beta-tubulins is greater than that for any other two beta-tubulins yet described in the same organism. The benA gene has eight introns and the tubC gene has five, all of which correspond in amino acid position to introns in benA. The positions of some of these introns are conserved in other beta-tubulin genes. The 5'-splice site, internal, and 3'-splice site consensus sequences are similar to those found in other fungal introns. The transcriptional start points for each gene have been determined using primer extension and/or S1 nuclease mapping. Neither the benA gene nor the tubC gene contains a TATA sequence in its 5'-flanking region. The tubC gene has two repeated upstream sequences which are not found in benA. The sites of polyadenylation have been determined for each gene using S1 nuclease mapping. Neither gene contains a polyadenylation signal, AATAAA, typical of other eukaryotic genes.

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