Aspergillus fumigatus RasA regulates asexual development and cell wall integrity.

  title={Aspergillus fumigatus RasA regulates asexual development and cell wall integrity.},
  author={Jarrod R Fortwendel and Kevin K Fuller and Timothy J Stephens and W Clark Bacon and David S. Askew and Judith C. Rhodes},
  journal={Eukaryotic cell},
  volume={7 9},
The Ras family of proteins is a large group of monomeric GTPases. Members of the fungal Ras family act as molecular switches that transduce signals from the outside of the cell to signaling cascades inside the cell. A. fumigatus RasA is 94% identical to the essential RasA gene of Aspergillus nidulans and is the Ras family member sharing the highest identity to Ras homologs studied in many other fungi. In this study, we report that rasA is not essential in A. fumigatus, but its absence is… CONTINUE READING


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