Aspergillus: Sex and Recombination

  title={Aspergillus: Sex and Recombination},
  author={J{\'a}nos Tam{\'a}s Varga and Gy{\"o}ngyi Szigeti and Nikolett Baranyi and S{\'a}ndor Kocsub{\'e} and C{\'e}line M. O’Gorman and Paul S. Dyer},
The genus Aspergillus is one of the most widespread groups of fungi on Earth, comprised of about 300–350 species with very diverse lifestyles. Most species produce asexual propagula (conidia) on conidial heads. Despite their ubiquity, a sexual cycle has not yet been identified for most of the aspergilli. Where sexual reproduction is present, species exhibit either homothallic (self fertile) or heterothallic (obligate outcrossing) breeding systems. A parasexual cycle has also been described in… CONTINUE READING