Aspergillosis in turkeys associated with use of contaminated litter.


Severe mortality occurred in a flock of 16,000 turkey poults after fresh litter consisting of poplar, oak, sweetgum, and pine shavings was added to the brooder house. Signs and lesions seen were consistent with aspergillosis. Mortality for the first 21 days of brooding was 305 poults. New litter was added on day 21; 6,041 poults died during the next 24 days. Mold counts were done on the original litter and added litter. The mold counts for the original litter was 1.0 X 10(5) organisms per gram of litter. The mold count for the added litter was 2.5 X 10(6) organisms per gram of litter. After the added litter had been treated with nystatin and copper sulfate, the mold count dropped to less than 1 X 10(4) organisms per gram of litter. Mortality was also reduced but not to pre-infection levels. Rales, mucus rhinitis, and airsacculitis due to Escherichia coli developed. Despite treatment, performance of the flock remained poor.


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