Aspergillosis in the ICU - The new 21st century problem?

  title={Aspergillosis in the ICU - The new 21st century problem?},
  author={Koenraad H D K Vandewoude and Dirk Vogelaers and Stijn Blot},
  journal={Medical mycology},
  volume={44 Supplement_1},
Invasive pulmonary aspergillosis (IPA) is a serious opportunistic infection mainly affecting seriously immunocompromised patients. The major risk factor is prolonged granulocytopenia. Most literature on the epidemiology and clinical impact of Aspergillus spp. infections concern patients with hematological malignancies, cancer, stem cell transplantation and solid organ transplant patients. However, evidence from recent literature indicates that Aspergillus spp. may cause invasive disease in… CONTINUE READING


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