Aspergillosis in Turkeys: A Review


Aspergillosis is a disease of mammals and birds produced caused by the growth of the fungus Aspergillus in the tissues of the body. It is a major respiratory disease of poultry including turkeys. The disease is mostly caused by Aspergillus fumigatus but other species have also been incriminated in the disease. It can lead to significant economic losses particularly in turkey production. Aspergillosis in turkeys can be transmitted through the inhalation of infective spores of the causative organism; stress due to some management procedures such as debeaking and high stocking densities can predispose to the disease. The respiratory tract is the most frequent predilection site for the organism, respiratory signs thus ensue. Post mortem lesions are mostly granulomatous in nature in affected organs. Prevention of the disease which includes improved environmental hygiene and proper ventilation is advised because treatment of infected birds is almost non-effective.

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