Aspects of the reinforcer learned in second-order Pavlovian conditioning.

  title={Aspects of the reinforcer learned in second-order Pavlovian conditioning.},
  author={Robert Rescorla},
  journal={Journal of experimental psychology. Animal behavior processes},
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  • Robert Rescorla
  • Published 1979 in
    Journal of experimental psychology. Animal…
Four experiments used an autoshaping procedure in pigeons to explore learning about the reinforcer in a second-order conditioning paradigm. Experiment 1 conditioned two visual second-order stimuli (S2), using as reinforcers two visual first-order stimuli (S1), each of which had previously been paired with food. Animals for which the S2 stimuli were each consistently paired with one particular S1 developed second-order responding more rapidly than did animals for which the identity of S1 varied… CONTINUE READING