Aspects of the phase diagram in (P)NJL-like models

  title={Aspects of the phase diagram in (P)NJL-like models},
  author={Michael Buballa and A. G. Grunfeld and Andrey Radzhabov and David Scheffler},
  journal={Progress in Particle and Nuclear Physics},
Abstract We discuss three applications of NJL- and PNJL-like models to assess aspects of the QCD phase diagram: First, we study the effect of mesonic correlations on the pressure below and above the finite temperature phase transition within a non-local PNJL model beyond the mean-field approximation. Second, we reconstruct the phase boundary of an NJL model from a Taylor expansion of the chiral susceptibility about μ = 0 and compare the result with the exact phase boundary. Finally, we… Expand
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