Aspects of multilingualism in the Maghreb

  title={Aspects of multilingualism in the Maghreb},
  author={Moha Ennaji},
This paper concerns itself with some aspects of multilingualism äs found in Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia. These countries have a common linguistic Situation in the sense that several languages are in use, namely Classical Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic, Dialectal Arabic, Berber, French, Spanish, and English. In this regard the differences between the three countries are generally differences of degree, rather than of kind. The phenomenon of multilingualism affects the sociocultural life of… 

The Linguistic Friction in Algeria

The linguistic situation in Algeria is varied and complex in the sense that several varieties are used today namely Classical Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic, Colloquial Arabic, Educated Spoken

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The contact of different ethno linguistic groups has contributed to Moroccan linguistic diversity to produce what is today a complex, multilingual profile. This linguistic diversity consists of

Plurilingualism in Morocco: Issues and Challenges to Language Policy

  • Asma Nifaoui
  • Sociology
    Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies
  • 2020
The purpose of this article is to analyze the multilingual situation in Morocco in the face of the challenges encountered by language policies undertaken by the state since independence in 1956. The

Language and gender in Moroccan urban areas

Abstract A central issue in the interaction between language and gender in Morocco is urbanity. The written languages, namely Modern Standard Arabic and French, are the languages of institutions

Form and Ideology: Arabic Sociolinguistics and Beyond

▪ Abstract The aim of this review is to contribute to a dialogue between anthropologists and sociolinguists who work on the Arab world. One of the most distinctive features of the Arab world is that

Multilingualism in the Linguistic Landscape of Urban Jordan

The main purpose of this study is to investigate language practices in the linguistic landscape (LL) of Jordanian cities. There have been few research studies that examine the LL of Jordanian cities,

Language , Ethnicity and Identity Par : Pr :

This article addresses the sensitive issue of the relationship between language, ethnicity and identity in the Moroccan context. The fact that Morocco is a multilingual country imposes a

The aesthetics and politics of ‘reading together’ Moroccan novels in Arabic and French

This paper attempts to break down the common practices of reading multilingual Moroccan novels, particularly Moroccan postcolonial novels in Arabic and French. I argue that dominant reading practices

Investigating Status Planning through Studying Language Attitudes

In the Arab countries, linguistic conflict can be seen not just between the study of the mother tong (Arabic) and foreign languages but within the mother tong itself. This research investigates

Amazigh language use, perceptions and revitalisation in Morocco: the case of Rabat-Sale region

ABSTRACT The aim of the present study is to investigate patterns of Amazigh language use in light of the recent changes in the Moroccan language policy. It specifically looks at the domains of use of



Language planning in Morocco and changes in Arabic

Morocco decided in early independence to choose Classical Arabic as the national official language because it is codifled and standardized, unlike Moroccan Arabic, and above all because it represents the language of the Coran, and of literary and scientific tradition.

Arabicization in Morocco : a case study in language planning and language policy attitudes

Arabiciztion in Morocco : a case study in language planning and language policy attitudes، للحصول على النص الكامل يرجى زيارة مكتبة الحسين بن طلال في جامعة اليرموك او زيارة موقعها الالكتروني

Le frangais au Maghreb : Situation generale et perspectives d ' avenir

  • Nouveaux Enjeux Culturels au Maghreb
  • 1986

Le profil sociolinguistique du Maroc: contribution méthodologique

Nouveaux enjeux culturels au Maghreb

Lexical expansion in the Maghrib: the ′Functional Linguistic Corpus′

6. The Berber Languages

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  • 1984