Aspects of Sobolev-type inequalities

  title={Aspects of Sobolev-type inequalities},
  author={Laurent Saloff-Coste},
Preface Introduction 1. Sobolev inequalities in Rn 2. Moser's elliptic Harnack Inequality 3. Sobolev inequalities on manifolds 4. Two applications 5. Parabolic Harnack inequalities. 


Key Words: Hardy inequalities, Sobolev inequalities, Morrey inequality, distance function, mean curvature, best constants, semi-concavity, sets with positive reach, mean convex sets, Cheeger

Sobolev-type inequalities for Dunkl operators

Characterizations of Sobolev inequalities on metric spaces

Abstract Hardy-Sobolev spaces and interpolation

A note on Sobolev type inequalities on graphs with polynomial volume growth

  • Li Chen
  • Mathematics
    Archiv der Mathematik
  • 2019
We prove the generalized $$L^p$$Lp-Poincaré inequalities and Sobolev type inequalities on graphs with polynomial volume growth. They are optimal on Vicsek graphs.

Pseudo-Poincare Inequalities and Applications to Sobolev Inequalities

Most smoothing procedures are via averaging. Pseudo-Poincare inequalities give a basic L p-norm control of such smoothing procedures in terms of the gradient of the function involved. When available,

Sobolev-Poincare type inequalities for Poisson functionals

  • O. PurtukhiaV. Jaoshvili
  • Mathematics
    2012 IV International Conference "Problems of Cybernetics and Informatics" (PCI)
  • 2012
The Sobolev type Hilbert spaces for normal martingale is defined and stochastic derivative of Poisson functionals are introduced. The Sobolev-Poincare and logarithmic Sobolev type inequalities are

On the equivalence of parabolic Harnack inequalities and heat kernel estimates

We prove the equivalence of parabolic Harnack inequalities and sub-Gaussian heat kernel estimates in a general metric measure space with a local regular Dirichlet form.

Ends of metric measure spaces and Sobolev inequalities

Generalizing work of Li and Wang, we prove sharp volume growth/decay rates for ends of metric measure spaces supporting a (p,p)-Sobolev inequality. A sharp result for (q,p)-Sobolev inequalities is

On the Hardy–Sobolev Inequalities

In this paper, we present a short survey on the Hardy–Sobolev inequalities, considering the classical case and the fractional as well, by collecting some important known results in the area and some