Aspectos taxonômicos de Uredinales infetando leguminosas utilizadas na arborização urbana do Distrito Federal

  title={Aspectos taxon{\^o}micos de Uredinales infetando leguminosas utilizadas na arborizaç{\~a}o urbana do Distrito Federal},
  author={Denise Vilela de Rezende and Jos{\'e} Carmine Dianese},
  journal={Fitopatologia Brasileira},
Six species of rust fungi Diorchidium copaiferae, Ravenelia hieronymi, Sphaerophragmium acaciae, Esalque holway, Uredo sp. and Uromyces neurocarpi were taxonomically studied. In addition, corrections were made in their original descriptions with morphological characteristics. Most of the species were new and illustrated for the first time in optical and scanning electron microscope. All exsiccates were deposited in the Micological Collection for Refference of the Universidade de Brasilia. 
Sphaerophragmium pulchrum, a new species of rust fungi on Albizia adinocephala from Panama
Telia and spermogonia are described for the first time for a species of Sphaerophragmium in this genus for the southern part of the Central American isthmus.
Two new Uredinales in the Phakopsoraceae on Fabaceae from Brazil
Two new species of rust fungi (Basidiomycota, Uredinales and Phakopsora sennae) on Fabaceae from Minas Gerais, Brazil, are proposed.


Esalque holwayi gen. et comb. nov., a rust of Brazilian ironwood (Caesalpinia species)
Abstract The genus Triactella Raciborski is confirmed as a synonym of Hapalophragmium, not Triphragmium, and Triactella holwayi from Brazil is designated as the type species of a proposed new genus,
Descriptions of tropical rusts III.
Puccinia amphiospora (Jacks. and Holw.) comb. nov. (fig. 1). (Uredo amphiospora Jacks. and Holw.; Jackson in Mycologia 24: 72. 1932.) Telia not seen; teliospores in the uredia ellipsoid or
A whole leaf clearing and staining technique for host specificity studies of rust fungi
Developpement d'une methode de preparation des feuilles de vegetaux inoculees par des champignons agents de rouille, utilisee dans les programmes d'etude de the specificite de Phragmidium violaceum, agent de lutte biologique contre Rubus fructicosus.
The rusts of South America based on the Holway collections. III.
The present contribution is the third of a series 2 bearing the same title. This number contains a continuation of the records of the rusts on Berberidaceae and on other host families in the order
Families of Uredinales
  • Illustrated Genera of Rust Fungi . Revised edn . The American Phytopathological Society of Minnesota U . S . A .
  • 1983