Aspectos fisiológicos e caracterização da toxidez de ácidos orgânicos voláteis em plantas

  title={Aspectos fisiol{\'o}gicos e caracterizaç{\~a}o da toxidez de {\'a}cidos org{\^a}nicos vol{\'a}teis em plantas},
  author={Fl{\'a}vio Anast{\'a}cio Oliveira Camargo and Everaldo Zonta and Gabriel de Ara{\'u}jo Santos and Roberto Oscar Pereyra Rossiello},
Volatile organic acids (C1-C4) can be build up during the first stages of metabolic process under anaerobic conditions of organic residues management. The phytotoxicity can leads to significant losses of crop production. The phytotoxicity of this acids was the aim of this revision. The type and amount of acids produced during the process are basically dependent on the amount and quality of the residue and the phytoxicity is directly related to the length of C compounds, to the acid… CONTINUE READING

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