Aspect, tense, and mood in the Hindi verb

  title={Aspect, tense, and mood in the Hindi verb},
  author={Herman van Olphen},
  journal={Indo-Iranian Journal},
  • H. Olphen
  • Published 1975
  • Linguistics
  • Indo-Iranian Journal
Urdu Resultive Constructions (A Comparative Analysis of Syntacto-Semantic and Pragmatic Properties of the Compound Verbs in Hindi-Urdu)
It is proposed that simple verbs (henceforth SV) in Urdu deal only with the action of the verb whereas (regardless of the semantic information contributed by the second inflected verb,) the stem+verb constructions essentially deal with theaction of the verbs as well as the state of affairs resulting from this action.
Verbal Inflection in Hindi: A Distributed Morphology Approach
The analysis presented in this paper demonstrates how DM may be used to provide a systematic and economical account of verbal inflection in Hindi, and also lends itself straightforwardly to implementation in a Hindi Morphological Analyzer.