Asian transnational organized crime and its impact on the United States: Developing a transnational crime research agenda

  title={Asian transnational organized crime and its impact on the United States: Developing a transnational crime research agenda},
  author={James O. Finckenauer and Ko-lin Chin},
  journal={Trends in Organized Crime},
Undertaken on behalf of the National Institute of Justice between July 2003 and August 2004, the research goals of this study were to (a) determine high priority areas for research on Asian transnational organized crime (TOC); (b) assess the impact of Asian TOC on the United States; (3) identify relevant data and information sources in Asia; and (4) identify potential collaborative research partners and institutions in Asia. The aim was thus not to examine in detail the organized crime… 

China’s Implementation of the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime

Seven years since signing and four years into its implementation, how well is China living up to the terms and spirit of the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime (UNTOC)?

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The Law on Trafficking in Persons: The Quest for an Effective Model

  • Anupam Jha
  • Law
    Asian Journal of International Law
  • 2016
Abstract International efforts to codify the law on trafficking in persons have been evolving since the early twentieth century. This paper re-examines this journey of law and divides the existing

Triad, Yakuza, and Jok-Pok: Asian Gangsters in Cinema

Previous works on Asian organized crime groups have examined the history, structure, function, extent, as well as descriptive accounts of the typical illegal enterprises of such criminal

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Italian organized crime groups—namely, Cosa Nostra, the Camorra and the ‘Ndrangheta—have often been identified with the single name ‘‘mafia’’. However, despite some similarities especially in the

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Situated in a remote area long a historical buffer zone between competing political entities, the Sulu Arms Market is an illicit market of a typical form in that it is both a source and a destination

Social Control, Trade Openness and Human Trafficking

ObjectiveHuman trafficking has generated growing concern among both policy makers and researchers. However, research has been hampered by a lack of valid data and appropriate methods. Our study

Gangs as contractors: the social organization of American Taiwanese youth gangs in Southern California

This paper examines the organizational structure and operations of Taiwanese organized crime and youth gangs in Southern California. In-depth interviews were used as the principle method of research.



Survey of Practitioners to Assess the Local Impact of Transnational Crime, Task Order Final Report

Risk Management. Peartree, E. (June 15-18, 2001). Destroying excess small arms: US policy and programs. US Foreign Policy Agenda: An Electronic Journal of the US Department of State, Vol. 6(2).

Transnational organized crime and international security : business as usual?

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* Introduction - Prostitution in a Global Context: Changing Patterns - Susanne Thorbek * PART 1: MEN IN PROSTITUTION * 1. Travellers' Tails: Sex Diaries of Tourists Returning from Thailand - Ryan

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