Asian genotypes of JC virus in Japanese-Americans suggest familial transmission.

  title={Asian genotypes of JC virus in Japanese-Americans suggest familial transmission.},
  author={Makoto Suzuki and Huai-Ying Zheng and Tomokazu Takasaka and Chie Sugimoto and Tadaichi Kitamura and Ernest Beutler and Yoshiaki Yogo},
  journal={Journal of virology},
  volume={76 19},
To examine the mode of JC virus (JCV) transmission, we collected urine samples from second- and third-generation Japanese-Americans in Los Angeles, Calif., whose parents and grandparents were all Japanese. From the urine samples of these Japanese-Americans, we mainly detected two subtypes (CY and MY) of JCV that are predominantly found among native Japanese. This finding provides support for the hypothesis that JCV is transmitted mainly within the family through long-term cohabitation. 

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