Asia before English

  title={Asia before English},
  author={Alexander Robertson Coupe and Franti{\vs}ek Kratochvil},

One Country, 700+ Languages: NLP Challenges for Underrepresented Languages and Dialects in Indonesia

An overview of the current state of NLP research for Indonesia's 700+ languages is provided and general recommendations are provided to help develop NLP technology not only for languages of Indonesia but also other underrepresented languages.



Hunting and Gathering in Tropical Rain Forest: Is It Possible?

Hunters and gatherers living in tropical forests represent an important part of the total range of variation among contemporary hunting and gathering societies. Studies of tropical forest hunting and

Beads, Exchange Networks and Emerging Complexity: A Case Study from Cambodia and Thailand (500 bce–ce 500)

Control over the exchange of prestige goods is an important component of emerging socio-political complexity in many ancient societies. During the Iron Age period (500 bce–ce 500), communities in

Malay and Javanese loanwords in Malagasy, Tagalog and Siraya (Formosa)

L'histoire culturelle et politique de l'Asie du sud-est montre l'importance des groupes ethniques Malais et Javanais. Cette situation est refletee par les emprunts linguistiques dans les langues

The possibility of independent foraging in the rain forest of Peninsular Malaysia

This paper examines the question of whether hunter-gatherers could live in the tropical rain forest of Peninsular Malaysia without access to cultivated foods. It considers the wild food sources used

Austronesian Loanwords in Yolngu-Matha of Northeast Arnhem Land

Several words in Yolngu-Matha language of North-East Arnhem Land that are considered loanwords from Makassarese, Buginese and other Austronesian languages are compiled. Comparative phonetic elements

Sino-Tibetan Linguistics: Present State and Future Prospects

Since Sino-Tibetan (ST) is one of the greatest language families in the world-even Indo-European does not have more first-language speakers-it is sobering to realize that ST linguistics is only about

East Nusantara: Genetic, Areal, and Typological Approaches

Three approaches to language comparison are distinguished. An areal approach leads to the conclusion that East Nusantara and the Bird's Head constitute a linguistic area.