Ascospore release from bottle-shaped asci in Dipodascus albidus.

  title={Ascospore release from bottle-shaped asci in Dipodascus albidus.},
  author={An{\'e} van Heerden and Johan Lodewyk F Kock and Piet J Botes and Carolina Pohl and Catharina J Strauss and Pieter W. J. van Wyk and Santosh Nigam},
  journal={FEMS yeast research},
  volume={5 12},
Yeasts utilize different mechanisms to release ascospores of different lengths from bottle-shaped asci. Using electron microscopy, confocal laser scanning microscopy, gas chromatography-mass spectrometry and digital live imaging, the individual release of oval ascospores from tight-fitting narrow bottle-necks, is reported in the yeast Dipodascus albidus. These ascospores are surrounded by compressible, oxylipin-coated sheaths enabling ascospores to slide past each other when forced by turgor… CONTINUE READING
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