Ascorbyl palmitate vesicles (Aspasomes): formation, characterization and applications.

  title={Ascorbyl palmitate vesicles (Aspasomes): formation, characterization and applications.},
  author={Dr. Shilpa Gopinath and Dr Ravi and B. Rammohan Rao and Shashank Sridhar Apte and D Renuka and Devraj Rambhau},
  journal={International journal of pharmaceutics},
  volume={271 1-2},
Vesicles with biological activity or with a targeting function in addition to carrier properties will have an added advantage. Vesicles prepared with amphiphiles having antioxidant property may have potential applications towards disorders implicated with reactive oxygen species. Ascorbyl palmitate (ASP) was explored as bilayer vesicle forming material. It formed vesicles (Aspasomes) in combination with cholesterol and a negatively charged lipid (dicetyl phosphate). Aspasomes were prepared by… CONTINUE READING