Ascorbate-stimulated active Na+ transport in rabbit ciliary epithelium.

  title={Ascorbate-stimulated active Na+ transport in rabbit ciliary epithelium.},
  author={Oscar A. Candia and Xiaoyan Shi and Teh-mow Chu},
  journal={Current eye research},
  volume={10 3},
In a physiological medium (134 mM Na+ concentration), unidirectional blood-to-aqueous and aqueous-to-blood Na+ fluxes across the isolated rabbit ciliary epithelium are large, rendering the detection of a net transport difficult. At 134 mM an active component for Na+ may be obscured by diffusional fluxes and a bidirectional Na(+)-Cl- cotransport. Considering that the active transport saturates at about 30 mM, experiments were performed at this reduced Na+ concentration to minimize the influence… CONTINUE READING