As easy as ABC?

  title={As easy as ABC?},
  author={Alison Moore},
  journal={The Health service journal},
  volume={122 6321},
  • A. Moore
  • Published 20 September 2012
  • Political Science
  • The Health service journal
It felt like the end of the world at the edge of the earth. It was 2002, and Argentina was in economic free fall. The peso lost 75% of its value against th $100 billion of debt. Bank deposits were frozen to halt panicked runs, and an enraged middle class took to the streets. The country went through five the crisis, one of the worst in South America's history, would spread next door to giant Brazil--where the élite predicted financial ruin if Luiz Inácio Lula elected President that year--and… 
Mythologizing Charles Van Doren: The 1950s, the media, and the making of cultural memory
The myth of Charles Van Doren, as recorded in mass media retellings of the 1959 television quiz show scandal, is a story of a good-intentioned, intelligent young man who was tempted by the muses of
Toward Understanding the Complexities of Service Costing: A Review of Theory and Practice
The purpose of this paper is to outline the issues and challenges inherent in service costing, and thus to add to the limited body of knowledge in this field. Through a review of the extant
ABC Learning and Australian early education and care: A retrospective ethical audit of a radical experiment
This chapter unfolds in three parts. It commences with the cautionary narrative of ABC Learning, an Australian childcare corporation that became the world’s largest for-profit childcare provider
The study examines the perception of activity based costing (ABC) in Australian universities. Using a questionnaire survey, data was collected from twenty-six finance directors and/or chief financial
The Interplay between National Culture and Diffusion on Activity-Based Costing : An Asia-Pacific Perspective.
This paper provides an updated overview of the state of activity-based costing (ABC) and time-driven activity-based costing (TDABC) research in selected Asia Pacific countries and describes the
Developing an Integrated Supply Chain Costing Approach for Strategic Decision Making
The supply chain management discipline suggests that information sharing is paramount when attempting to achieve cost reductions and quality improvements. In many cases, the traditional accounting
Global HIV and AIDS: Calling all Social Work Educators
Five teaching units focus on practice needs and challenges of divergent vulnerable populations including men who have sex with men, women, injecting drug users (IDU), commercial sex workers, and children orphaned by AIDS.
Translating text into pictographs
A text-to-pictograph translation system that is used in an online platform for Augmentative and Alternative Communication, which is intended for people who are not able to read and write, but who still want to communicate with the outside world, provides a clear improvement in the communication possibilities of illiterate people.
Impact of Integrated Care Management on Clinical Outcomes in Atrial Fibrillation Patients: A Report From the FANTASIIA Registry
In real-world anticoagulated AF patients from FANTASIIA registry, a lack of adherence to integrated care management of AF following the ABC pathway was observed, suggesting the benefit of a holistic and integrated approach to AF management.
Computer-aided Resource Consumption Costing for a Fiberboard Producer – an Implementation Report
The article presents a costing system for a fiberboard producer. Resource consumption costing was chosen as the underlying cost accounting methodology. Technological links between the consumption of