As-If Infinitely Ranged Integer Model

  title={As-If Infinitely Ranged Integer Model},
  author={Roger B. Dannenberg and Will Dormann and David Keaton and Robert C. Seacord and David Svoboda and Alex Volkovitsky and Timothy Wilson and Thomas Plum},
  journal={2010 IEEE 21st International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering},
Integers represent a growing and underestimated source of vulnerabilities in C and C++ programs. This paper presents the As-if Infinitely Ranged (AIR) Integer model for eliminating vulnerabilities resulting from integer overflow, truncation, and unanticipated wrapping. The AIR Integer model either produces a value equivalent to that obtained using infinitely ranged integers or results in a runtime-constraint violation. With the exception of wrapping (which is optional), this model can be… CONTINUE READING
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