Arylphosphonylation and arylazidation of activated alkenes.

  title={Arylphosphonylation and arylazidation of activated alkenes.},
  author={Wangqing Kong and Est{\'i}baliz Merino and Cristina Nevado},
  journal={Angewandte Chemie},
  volume={53 20},
Two radical-mediated processes of activated alkenes, namely arylphosphonylation and arylazidation, are described. The difunctionalization of alkenes by a tandem process that involves radical addition, 1,4-aryl migration, and desulfonylation generates α-aryl-β-heterofunctionalized amides bearing a quaternary stereocenter when the substituent on the nitrogen atom is an aryl group. Alternatively, heterooxindoles or spirobicycles can be obtained with excellent regioselectivity in the presence of an… 
Copper-Catalyzed Cascade Cyclization of Arylsulfonylhydrazones Derived from ortho-Alkynyl Arylketones: Regioselective Synthesis of Functionalized Cinnolines.
A novel copper-catalyzed cascade reaction of arylsulfonylhydrazones derived from ortho-alkynyl arylketones was accomplished. This reaction provides concise access to diversified cinnolines in good
Metal-Free Mediated Meerwein-Type Reaction: A Radical Cascade Arylation/Aryl Migration/Desulfonylation of Conjugated Alkenes.
A metal-free cascade arylation/aryl migration/desulfonylation of N-phenyl-N-(phenylsulfonyl)methacrylamide is described, which provides an efficient strategy for the synthesis of α-all-carbon quaternary stereocenters amides.
Copper-Catalyzed Hydrogen Atom Transfer and Aryl Migration Strategy for the Arylalkylation of Activated Alkenes.
This methodology is an efficient approach for the synthesis of various amide derivatives possessing a quaternary carbon center with good yields and high regioselectivity.
Copper-Catalyzed Arylsulfonylation and Cyclizative Carbonation of N-(Arylsulfonyl)acrylamides Involving Desulfonative Arrangement toward Sulfonated Oxindoles.
Sulfonated oxindoles are accessed by a Cu(OAc)2-catalyzed three-component reaction of N-(arylsulfonyl)acrylamides, DABSO, and aryldiazonium tetrafluoroborates, and this procedure shows good functional group tolerance.
Copper-catalyzed arylsulfonylation of N-arylsulfonyl-acrylamides with arylsulfonohydrazides: synthesis of sulfonated oxindoles.
This methodology provided an alternative strategy for the synthesis of sulfonated oxindoles by forming C-S, C-N and C-C bonds in a single operation.
Copper-Catalyzed Aminoarylation of Alkenes via Aminyl Radical Addition and Aryl Migration.
We describe a new strategy for aminoarylation of alkenes by copper-catalyzed smiles rearrangement using O-benzoylhydroxylamines as the amine reagent. This method affords various β-amino amide
1,2-Arylalkylation of N-(arylsulfonyl)acrylamides using aliphatic aldehydes as the alkyl source.
A metal-free decarbonylative arylalkylation of N-(arylsulfonyl)acrylamides using aliphatic aldehydes as the alkyl radical source was developed, providing a series of α-aryl-β-alkylamides in moderate
Fluoroalkylative aryl migration of conjugated N-arylsulfonylated amides using easily accessible sodium di- and monofluoroalkanesulfinates.
Fluorinated sulfinate salts RfSO2Na (Rf = CF2H, CF2Ph, and CH2F) have been prepared via NaBH4-mediated reduction of the corresponding benzo[d]thiazol-2-yl sulfones, and their synthetic application in the silver-catalyzed cascade fluoroalkylation/aryl migration/SO2 extrusion of conjugated N-arylsulfonylated amides is demonstrated.
Pd-Catalyzed Stereoselective Carboperfluoroalkylation of Alkynes.
A Pd-catalyzed three component reaction involving terminal alkynes, boronic acids, and perfluoroalkyl iodides is presented here, offering a broad scope and functional group tolerance.