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Arylhydroxy metabolites of cocaine in the urine of cocaine users.

  title={Arylhydroxy metabolites of cocaine in the urine of cocaine users.},
  author={R. Smith},
  journal={Journal of analytical toxicology},
  volume={8 1},
  • R. Smith
  • Published 1984
  • Medicine
  • Journal of analytical toxicology
The major arylhydroxy metabolite of cocaine in human urine was identified as 4'-hydroxybenzoylecgonine methyl ester by comparison of mass spectral and relative gas-liquid chromatography retention time data of metabolites in patient samples with those of the three synthesized positional isomers. The 3'-hydroxy isomer was also identified in most samples, but its concentration varied widely from sample to sample. 
Analysis of extensively washed hair from cocaine users and drug chemists to establish new reporting criteria.
Hair that was externally contaminated with COC was distinguished from hair collected from individuals known to have consumed COC, and CE, NC and hydroxycocaine metabolites were only present in COC users' hair and not in drug chemists' hair. Expand
Biomechanisms of cocaine-induced hepatocyte injury mediated by the formation of reactive metabolites
The rodent model of cocaine hepatotoxicity is commensurate with the concept that a multistep, mainly cytochrome P-450 dependentN-oxidative pathway is responsible for the expression of hepatocellular injury, and glutathione plays a pivotal protective role against cocaine-induced hepatic injury. Expand