Aryl substitution of pentacenes


A series of 11 new pentacene derivatives has been synthesized, with unsymmetrical substitution based on a trialkylsilylethynyl group at the 6-position and various aryl groups appended to the 13-position. The electronic and physical properties of the new pentacene chromophores have been analyzed by UV-vis spectroscopy (solution and thin films… (More)
DOI: 10.3762/bjoc.10.178


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@inproceedings{Waterloo2014ArylSO, title={Aryl substitution of pentacenes}, author={Andreas R Waterloo and A. H. J. Sale and Dan Lehnherr and Frank Hampel and Rik R Tykwinski}, booktitle={Beilstein journal of organic chemistry}, year={2014} }